V Word Weekly Links


This week we got real into the Amazon Prime series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – cheers to badass women comedians!  (also, an Atlantic article about why women have not historically been appreciated as funny; spoiler alert: the patriarchy)


We are also getting ready to march in our respective Women’s Marches!





What did we get stuck in our rectums last year? (AdequateMan) amazing…


Workers Smuggle Breast Pump into Correctional Facility (NYT) That situation, where producing breast milk at work is unfeasible, is common among American employers — even though failing to provide hourly workers with break time and a private place to pump is often a violation of federal law. There are health consequences for potentially millions of families.”


Can A Corpse Give Birth? (NYT) Statutes that give fetuses more rights than the women who carry them are bound to lead to heartbreaking outcomes when applied in the real world, however infrequently”


Women over 60 are powerful (NYT)


A woman in vegetative state surprisingly gave birth, and the men who work in the facility are being asked for DNA samples (CNN)




What’s a menstrual cup? (Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness) – how did we just discover this podcast hosted by one of the amazing guys on the new Queer Eye!


Janet Mock Finds Her Voice (Politics and More)


Curiosity (Pod Save the People) Deray and the team do a great job explaining AOC’s proposal for a 70% tax on anyone making over 10 million dollars (hint: it’s only on the money over $10 million) and interview YAF writer Tomi Adeyemi.


Whither Abortion Rights (ACLU At Liberty) Louise Melling deputy legal director at ACLU discusses the small take-down of abortion rights that you may not realize is happening

So much reading/listening/fan-girling, so little time…