In their shoes: Whitney Cummings

Just Say Vagina

In this episode of In Their Shoes, Dr. Jenn talks with, hands down, one of the funniest comedians you’ll ever hear, Whitney Cummings, about her campaign with Annovera birth control, called, “Just Say Vagina.”


That’s right, they made a campaign – about vaginas – it’s like they were seeing directly into our souls and channeling all this vagtastic energy we’ve been cultivating over here on the pod.


If you’ve never heard of her, shame on you. Go listen to her four stand-up specials immediately. Whitney is a stand-up comedian, actress, filmmaker, and podcaster. She’s participated in several Comedy Central Roasts, created the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, and like a lot of people this hilarious, is super smart!


Now she’s teamed up with Therapeutics MD, the company that makes the annual vaginal contraceptive ring, called Annovera, to break down all the vaginal taboos that prevent people from accessing high quality birth control. And yeah, clearly, we’ll be talking about her vagina along the way too (clearly).


From Annovera:

  • When we apologize, we may end up with birth control that is not the right choice for us, which can have its consequences:
    • 41 % of unintended pregnancies are due to inconsistent use of contraceptives.
    • 47 % of women who have used contraception have discontinued using a contraceptive method
  • It’s time to stop apologizing. It’s time for open and honest conversations—starting with birth control.