V Word Weekly Links

This week the best #truths came from Cardi B talking about yeast infections! (IG) and the Government Shutdown (WP Youtube).



The Effect of the internet on our Sex Lives (The Guardian) “This interactive relationship with explicit content offers the possibility of ushering in a new age of sexual enlightenment…”

Orgasm 101 by Erica Chidi Cohen (Cup of Jo) “Get a magnifying mirror, and in a unaroused state, part your labia, gaze at your clitoris and gently notice what’s there with a sense of curiosity and compassion.”   

Gay dad penguins are raising a baby chick (NYT) “One couple, though, was extraordinary. Not because they were the colony’s only gay penguins, though they were, but because Sphen and Magic looked like they would make great, diligent, careful egg-warming parents. They made the biggest nest, and they sat on it constantly.”



Women’s March (CYG Podcast) Aminatou and Ann tackle the discussion about anti-semitism in the Women’s March; also their reading list.

Teens and Sexting (Their Own Devices Podcast) An adolescent medicine doctor and an Obama WH tech policy advisor (who are married and raising teens!) talk all things sexting.  Fascinating podcast topic.


We’re planning to march – in some capacity – this weekend because so many women in one place is POWERFUL. We also will be continuing to work on ways to better ally with ALL women and ways to protect women’s autonomy over their own bodies.