V Word Weekly Links

Here’s what we were up to this week besides listening to Solange’s new album When I Get Home on repeat.



We recorded a new episode this week on the history of contraception – listen in! It’s a good one.



Maternal Mortality in the US (Emily Kaplan, NYtimes)

Racism in Medicine by the amazing Dr. Zia Okocha (Rewire)

How to Have a Feminist Pregnancy (Erin Feher, MotherMag)

Mennonite woman arrested for midwifery without license (Tyler Pager, NYTimes)

A Gentle C-Section (Erin Feher, MotherMag)

Feminist Club at an All-Boys Catholic School (Richard Morgan, The Cut)

Trump’s Gag Rule is Bad For Women’s Health (let us count the ways) (Olga Khazan, The Atlantic)

New more invasive ways women are preserving fertility (Amanda Mull, The Atlantic)

Pregnancy has been avoided in research for far too long (Carolyn Johnson, WP)