V Word Weekly Links

Here’s what we were up this week besides delivering babies!

New podcast on Incontinence (peeing yourself) with Dr Rogo-Gupta.



The Cut’s Best Sex Writing (The Cut) Masturbation, Talking dirty, etc.


Alcohol in Pregnancy (NYT)


Postpartum Depression: New programs and New Hope (NYT)  & What you should know about PPD (NYT)


Nobel Peace Prize Laureates to End Mass Rape (NYT, Dec 2018, but on topic for us this week)


4 women on their abortion care experience (>20 weeks) (The Cut)


A nuanced look at reporting on oxytocin, the so-called “cuddle hormone” (Vox)


Also check out our #Vwordbooklist, as we add to it on IG.



The Actual Nature Article about Oxytocin (referenced in Vox article above)