The future of sex

In our latest episode, we talked about an emerging field termed “Sex Tech” – technology that is advancing hose we think about sex, have sex, and find partners for sex.

Here are some of the ways Sex Tech might make your life better:


  • New Sex Toys.
    • Fundawear (vibrating undies)
    • Ohmibod (remote activated vibrator)
    • Mojowijo (teledildonics), and sex robots (search at your own risk)


  • New ways of connecting.  There are flaws, for sure, but dating and hook-up apps that let people lay out what they’re looking for – sexually and romantically – allow for a new level of openness and compatibility.


  • New Sex Counseling – and Education that is so not in a classroom:



  • New Ways of thinking. about your sex life and sexual satisfaction as an important part of your life to cultivate (The Future of Sex)


image: IG gladragspads