In Their Shoes: Francine Coeytaux

Self-Managed Abortions & COVID (PLAN C)

The Abortion Pill Revolution with Francine Coeytaux, MPH

As the country fights over who has the right to access an abortion, a small but mighty team called Plan C has spent the last 5 years sharing information on abortion pills: a combination of two effective medications that makes a private, safe, self-managed abortion a reality. This method, approved 30+ years ago, is being used by millions around the world every year. But here, in the US, politics has kept the pills out of public reach—until now. Plan C shares a digital ‘report card’ of online options, consults with health tech companies positioned to disrupt the industry, and is mobilizing ambassadors to amplify information and mainstream this modern option.

Francine Coeytaux, a cofounder of Plan C, has a lifetime of work in public health including two decades of bringing Plan B, the “morning after” pill, from prescription-only to over the counter. Plan C’s vision is a world where the convenience, confidentiality and control of abortion pills is in the hands of those who need them. Follow Plan C and learn more at


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