Climate Change & Women’s Health

Surprise: Climate Change Disproportionately Affects Women

In so many ways, climate change disproportionately affects women’s health, from increased exposures to heat, poor air quality, extreme weather events, altered vector-borne disease transmission, reduced water quality, and decreased food security. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change reported that women, and especially those in poverty, face higher risks than men, and experience a greater burden of climate change impacts (surprise, surprise, right?).

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Barbara Erny from Physicians for Social Responsibility about Climate Change and how it disproportionately affects women’s health. Dr. Erny is also a member of the Board of Directors for Acterra, which is a nonprofit environmental education and action organization in the Silicon Valley, and an ophthalmologist. Get ready to be surprised, angered, and energized to make change!