Ask A Lady Doc: Sexual Assault on Campus w/ Dr. Jessi Gold

And other mental health issues facing college students

Dr. Jessi Gold is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Dept of Psychiatry at Wash Univ in St Louis School of Medicine who specializes in college mental health. She writes regularly in the popular press about mental health and stigma, and with this a new academic school year starting, we reached out to her to talk about something that happens a lot more often than we like to admit on college campuses all around the country: sexual assault. 

This is especially timely because just last week, the woman assaulted by convicted rapist, Brock Turner and who was previously known only as “Emily Doe,” came forward and revealed herself as Chanel Miller. Her upcoming book, Know My Name: A Memoir is a move to reappropriate her narrative identity and describe the trauma she went through.We sat down with Dr. Gold to talk about mental health care on campus – common issues like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and trauma, but because these are such important and common issues, be sure to check out our resources page for a list of mental health resources in case you or a friend needs them.