All the V: Weekly Links

Here’s what we were up to at the V Word this week besides re-playing all the harassment and discrimination we’ve experienced in the health care field.  We have a new episode this week on #TimesUpHealthCare where Dr. Erica and Dr. Jenn talk all about this – and have an amazing interview with one of the founders of this movement.  Let us know what you think!



Contraception is not a Remedy for Poverty (Black Mamas Matter, Essence) A powerful response to a NYT article about promoting LARC; “[this program designed to promote LARC only] fails to address the fundamental root causes of social inequities (e.g. racial and gender oppression) contributing to reproductive health disparities, and the long trajectory of reproductive coercion and violence experienced by women of color. Reducing barriers to contraception without investments in justice is nearsighted and should not be heralded as a possible “key to ending poverty” without supporting evidence. “

An Unplanned Pregnancy and the decision process that threatens a marriage – though not how you might suspect (The Atlantic) such a lovely response by Lori Gottleib

Un-Sex-ing Pregnancy (WP) “many sex-discriminatory social expectations and roles are set not just after a family has been formed, but before — during pregnancy. And this, oddly, seems to have escaped the United States’ notice”

Tracking your periods on an app may be less private than you think  (WP)

Ovary slices instead of egg freezing; the future of fertility? (Wired) we are not convinced, but we are intrigued

A (really cute) pink felt explanation of Cesarean Deliveries ( it’s quick and pretty accurate – a good alternative if you’re not interested in an actual surgical video

Juiceboxx just launched a new program to help you learn how to talk dirty! (Hello Giggles) We’ve interviewed Brianna about the wonders of SexTech on The V Word – and are excited to check out this new Sexting Teacher Bot

Neilsen’s Terrible Legacy as Director of Homeland Security (ReWire News)



Audiobook of Like a Mother by Angela Garbes