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Dr. Jenn & Dr. Erica, two badass gynecologists, tackle relevant women's health and reproductive policy issues. Also- vaginas.

Views expressed here do not substitute actual medical advice and should not be interpreted as such.

Nov 19, 2018

Let's get real here- can you really "plan" your birth, and what all does that mean? Drs. Jenn & Erica dissect the good and the bad of birth plans, and reminisce about the best plans they've seen (spoiler alert: twerk births included!).

Nov 6, 2018

Remember in the late '90s when Wheelchair Barbie was taken off the market (her long hair kept getting stuck in the wheelchair, she didn't fit in the Barbie Dream House, her dimensions were too complex for toy designers)? It's no surprise that we often get it wrong when advocating for people with disabilities, and sadly...